Contracted Sales & Marketing

Once the product is ready for market and all documentation requirements finalized, the selling process is set to begin. The sales process, whether direct to end users, focused on gaining distribution, or enhanced through strategic alliances, starts with the value proposition and continues with a fact-based approach geared toward closing the sale.

Sales efforts are managed from the main Ingredient Technologies office in Minneapolis with a team of resources established throughout key markets within the US. Accountabilities are aligned via geography and product market segments.

Ingredient Technologies has experience selling value added raw materials into a host of markets and countries, from the US and Europe to the high growth regions of the Pacific Rim.


“Ingredient Technologies played a significant role in the development and execution of our Nutraceutical market sales effort. Through their work and extensive network we were able to achieve immediate success in the marketplace.”
Lochlainn Ohaimhirgin
Tersus Pharmaceuticals, LLC