Strategic Business Planning

From raw material sourcing to initial market penetration, strategic planning is the key to developing a successful functional ingredient business model.

The team at Ingredient Technologies is experienced in all the critical areas of a comprehensive business model. The following are the key platforms associated with functional ingredient business planning:

  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Core Product Extraction
  • Product Testing
  • Applications Development
  • Organizational Structure
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Financial Modeling


“Ingredient Technologies helped identify and leverage the true advantage of our ingredients. With their help, we have built a competitive advantage in the market that allows us to get the results we need.”
Andre Houle
General Manager
BioEnvelop Corporation
“True strategic know-how is not easy to come by. Ingredient Technologies has the right blend of thought leadership and street smarts to help you build a relevant strategies essential in achieving success in the value-added ingredient space.”
MK Ewald
Director of Operations
Bunge Corporation