Applications & Product Development

Ingredient Technologies has been instrumental in developing successful products in the Nutraceutical, and Food and Beverage markets for a number of nutritive and functional ingredient companies in the past several years through the application of the following scope.

  • Performing a comprehensive analysis of the product's core functionality
  • Identifying the range of relevant product applications that best leverage the ingredients inherent value
  • Isolating a Value Proposition with measurable value drivers
  • Creating Go To Market and Entry strategies across a wide variety of relevant markets
  • Executing on a comprehensive strategic marketing plan aimed at maximizing exposure and extending reach to the target market.
  • Selling the relevant markets through the execution of targeted sales and marketing strategies and game changing strategic alliances

Ingredient Technologies has a proven track record in developing a successful and sustainable business for manufacturers of functional ingredients. Sales success is directly related to sound, relevant applications development work and the creation of a marketable value proposition that clearly demonstrates value to the end user.


“The people at Ingredient Technologies have been instrumental in identifying and correlating our product performance to achieve the maximum inherent value of our ingredients. With their help we have broadened the core applications for our products and identified new opportunities for growth.”
Carl Pacifico
Business Development Director
Balchem Corporation